Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can happen for many reasons. Perhaps an employer has biases about older employees. Perhaps the company wants to hire younger, less experienced employees who will perform the same work for less money. Regardless of the reason, age discrimination is against the law, and you deserve to fight it.

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If you believe you have been terminated from your job because of discrimination, try to get your employer's reason for terminating you in writing. If you simply ask for the reason verbally, it provides your employer more flexibility to change the answer in the future and makes it harder to hold it accountable.

Employers often use coded language when talking about a person's termination. If your employer has passed you up for a project or terminated you in favor of "new blood," a "fresh perspective" or someone more "energetic," it may be a sign of age discrimination.

Do you have a claim for age discrimination? Learn more about the signs of discrimination and your legal options.

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