What Are My Rights At Work After A Cancer Diagnosis?

Whether you were just diagnosed with cancer or you have undergone extensive treatment, a cancer diagnosis can have widespread implications for your working life. While the only thing you should have to worry about is focusing on your recovery, many patients unfortunately must worry about their job security and livelihood.

At Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, we help people affected by cancer protect their rights in the workplace by holding employers accountable for discrimination.

What Are My Rights At Work After A Cancer Diagnosis?

Patients are protected by a complex combination of state, federal and local regulations like the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). Because we focus solely on employment law matters, we have a thorough understanding of these regulations and we know how to use them to protect you.

These laws give patients several important rights:

  • The right to take medical leave under state and federal law — California law provides additional medical leave beyond the scope of the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • The right to reasonable accommodations — Accommodations may include modification of work hours, office environment or equipment.
  • The right to work without being forced to take leave — If you are able to perform your job, your employer cannot force you to take leave.
  • The right to privacy — While you must disclose certain information to your employer, there are laws that protect your privacy and medical records.
  • The right to be free from discrimination — If your employer or co-workers treat you unfairly because of your illness or you are unfairly released from employment, our lawyers can help you pursue justice.

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