Disability Discrimination

Federal, state and local statutes, as well as public policy, create protections and entitlements for qualified individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

Disability discrimination occurs when an employer treats a qualified employee or applicant individual with a disability unfavorably because she has a disability. Disability discrimination may also occur when an employer fails to provide an employee with a qualified mental or physical disability with all entitlements required by the law.

A complex interaction of federal, state and local statutes creates confusing filing requirements, deadlines and procedures which must be strictly followed before moving forward with a discrimination claim.

If your employer has treated you adversely, you may feel lost and unsure about whether or not you are protected under the law. Contact Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, today for a free consultation. Our experienced employment attorneys will evaluate your options under the law and can help you to obtain the most complete relief possible.