Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

Sexual harassment can turn your working life into a nightmare, whether it is in the form of inappropriate comments, sexual advances or unwelcome contact. Whether it is physical or emotional, this harassment can be distracting at best and devastating at worst.

Helping Workers Feel Safe And Comfortable

Your job is your livelihood. Because people spend so many of their waking hours at work, harassment on the job can have a pervasive and harmful ripple effect. What happens at the office or at a worksite can compromise your financial, emotional and mental well-being.

At Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, we believe that all employees deserve to feel safe and comfortable in the workplace. We have dedicated our practice to helping the victims of workplace discrimination and harassment fight back and pursue justice.

Our lawyers can help you review your situation, identify your options and take steps to recover compensation for your damages. Seeking protection from sexual harassment as well as understanding what constitutes sexual harassment requires experience and knowledge of complex federal and state laws. This complex interaction of federal, state and local statutes creates confusing filing requirements, deadlines and procedures which must be strictly followed before moving forward with a discrimination claim.

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Your initial consultation at our Los Angeles, California, office is free, and we never collect attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you. To begin protecting your rights and holding your employer accountable for sexual harassment, please call 310-432-0000. You may also contact us via email to receive a prompt response from a member of our staff.