Health Care Worker Whistleblower Claims

The health care industry is going through complicated times as the uncertainty of health insurance grows. However, this does not mean that safety conditions should be lax or pushed to the side. If anything, safety in the health care industry should be an even higher priority. Health care workers such as nurses, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and more should not be afraid to take note and report unsafe working conditions, especially those that impact patients.

In many areas of the health care industry, employees are often pressured to work longer hours, take fewer breaks and see more patients in order to meet growing demands. Pressure from employers to do this can in some instances cause unsafe working conditions and even violations of regulations and laws. Fortunately, in California it is public policy and law to encourage health care workers to report any unsafe conditions that could be endangering patients.

California Public Policy And Law: HSC 1278.5

Any time the safety and well-being of citizens is at stake, it is public policy to enact legislation and regulations to help mitigate the issue. That is exactly the case under HSC 1278.5

Under HSC 1278.5, it states:

"The Legislature finds and declares that it is the public policy of the State of California to encourage patients, nurses, members of the medical staff, and other health care workers to notify government entities of suspected unsafe patient care and conditions."

The law further goes on to assert whistleblower protections for such employees who report such conditions. If you are an employee in the health care industry, whether a nurse, pharmacy tech, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, physician's assistance, health care administrator or even physician, it is important to report any conditions that could be endangering the lives of patients. California law protects you from retaliation and any other discriminatory actions by your employer.

It is understandably a scary idea reporting anything against your employer. But that is why it is important to have a seasoned employee rights attorney on your side. At Lavi & Ebrahimian, we are champions of employee rights, including those in the health care industry who have whistleblower claims. If you believe you have a claim under HSC 1278.5 or believe you have been unfairly retaliated against for making a claim, we are here to help you.

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