Religious Discrimination

In the United States, the freedom to practice one's religion is such an inalienable right that it is part of the First Amendment to the Constitution. America has a long history as a safe haven for individuals to freely exercise their faith.

In this spirit, California and federal laws prohibit workplace discrimination on the basis of religion. Your employer is required to accommodate your religious practices as long as they do not create an unreasonable burden. Failure to do so may justify a legal claim of discrimination. Anyone can experience religious discrimination, but Muslim and Jewish employees are particularly vulnerable.

Religious discrimination can take many forms, such as:

  • Scheduling shifts or training that conflict with your religious practices
  • Failing to accommodate religious practices that do not create an unreasonable burden, such as daily prayer or religious holiday observance
  • Terminating an employee for taking time to practice religion when the employee has followed proper procedures for requesting leave
  • Making derogatory comments about an employee because of his or her religion
  • Forbidding clothing, hair styles or other expressions of religious belief

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