Independent Contractor Misclassification Claims

Employers misclassify employees as independent contractors for many reasons. Employers are not required to pay independent contractors minimum wage or overtime pay, nor are they required to provide them other entitlements under state and federal laws.

In some cases, employers may try to take advantage of those benefits by improperly classifying an employee as an independent contractor. When they do, employees can miss out on important benefits and wages. The trial lawyers of Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, are highly experienced in investigating, negotiating and litigating wage and hour lawsuits on a class action basis and on an individual basis.

Have I Been Misclassified?

Whether a worker is an independent contractor is defined by law and is not determined by the parties' agreement or whether an employee receives a 1099, a tax document normally given to independent contractors.

Determining whether a worker is properly categorized as an employee or independent contractor is very fact-specific. It requires extensive experience to navigate the complex statutes regarding payment of wages. If you have concerns about your classification, an experienced attorney can help you evaluate your situation and take steps to correct the situation.

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