In California, if the employer requires a non-exempt employee to purchase a specific tool for the performance of his or her job duties, the employer is generally required to pay the employee back for the purchase of the tool.

In some instances if the employer pays the employee at least two times the California minimum wage, the employer may require that the employee provide and maintain hand tools and equipment that are customarily required by that industry.

Employers often require employees to provide specific tools to discharge the duties of their job, but do not reimburse the employees for those tools and do not pay them twice the California minimum wage. Under these circumstances, the employer often owes the employee money to reimburse them for the purchase and maintenance of the tools.

A complex set of laws governs the requirement that California employers reimburse nonexempt employees. Exceptions may limit which employees are entitled to reimbursements. To navigate the complex statutes regarding whether you are receiving reimbursements in compliance with California law, you need to speak with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the law in this area.

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