What Are 'Hours Worked' Under California Law?

State and federal laws generally require an employer to pay a nonexempt employee wages for all the time that he or she works. At Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, we aggressively represent employees who have not received full and prompt payment for all of their hours worked.

What Are 'Hours Worked?'

In California, hours worked include the time during which you are required to be on duty or to be on your employer's premises or at a prescribed workplace, and all time during which your employer is aware or should be aware you are working whether or not it requires you to.

There are many activities that count toward your hours worked. Some examples include:

  • Time spent traveling in the course of your employment (for example, driving to another office or location)
  • Time spent putting on necessary protective gear or otherwise preparing for labor
  • Off-the-clock work performed before your scheduled shift begins
  • Authorized or unauthorized overtime, as long as your employer knows or should know that you are working
  • Any time you spend working during scheduled breaks

If your employer is not forthcoming with payment for all hours you have worked, you may have recourse under the law. Our knowledgeable wage and hour attorneys have extensive experience helping employees pursue and collect unpaid wages.

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