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CNAs may be falsely accused of misconduct in nursing homes

Families trust nursing home staff to provide compassionate and competent care towards their loved ones. Most employees working in such facilities honor this obligation, but unfortunately, some are negligent and contribute to the abuse of residents. According to ABC News, as many as one in three elderly patients may experience such abuse, so it is no surprise that allegations are common.

Certified nursing assistants, or CNAs, may wrongfully find themselves on the receiving end of such charges. There are many reasons why false accusations might occur. The following are a few examples as well as what you should do if such allegations land you in trouble at work or result in the termination of your position.

CNAs are replaceable

CNAs are generally the lowest-ranking employees at a nursing home facility, but they are also often tasked with the majority of tough tasks. Though the position is integral to continual operation of the facility, CNAs might be more easily replaced than higher ranking staff such as RNs or LPNs. It could be easier to target allegations of abuse at a CNA than the actual culprit.

Abuse cover-up

In addition to the difficulty of replacing other positions, abuse allegations may be deliberately misdirected as part of a cover-up. Abuse does not just take the form of negligence -- sometimes it is physical, verbal or sexual. To divert attention and avoid the potential of an investigation, an innocent staff member might be accused of misconduct.

Research recourse

Consequences for allegations of abuse might range from a write-up to suspension or even termination. If you were wrongfully terminated, researching potential recourse is one of the best things you can do. This is especially true if there is any possibility that your license is in jeopardy, too. Attaining legal representation may help you protect yourself against further repercussions.

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