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How do I know if I have been wrongfully fired?

Many people in the Beverly Hills area often confuse at-will employment with illegal terminations. One question that may cross your mind when your employer fires you is if your firing was a wrongful one. You may have been a great worker, followed all the rules and had a clean disciplinary file. But your employer decided to let you go and now you are upset. Just because you do not agree with their decisions does not mean you cannot sue them. 

As an employee, you have protected rights under federal and state laws. There are certain steps that your employer must take when firing someone. Take some time to review the following information to gain a better understanding of wrongful termination and how it may apply to your situation. 

Employer firing reasons cannot violate the law 

Many employers do not keep up with the laws on what they can legally do to their employees. Illegal firings are a very common issue that many people encounter all over the country. Although your employer can let you go for just about any reason they can think of, they cannot use reasons that violate your rights. 

The following reasons are illegal for employers to use when firing people. 

  •        Retaliation
  •        Fraud
  •        Violation of labor, state and federal laws
  •        Violation of employment contracts and company policies
  •        Discrimination based on age, sex, pregnancy, disability and nationality 

Sometimes, employers use the reasons they give their former workers to hide the fact that they may be infringing on the workers' rights. It is important for you to keep track of everything that happens to you during your employment. Documentation can make it easier for you to know if and when your employer breaks the law and violates your rights. 

If you believe your employer has violated your right to employment, you may file a claim against them that can allow you to get your job back or receive compensation for your situation. Wrongful termination claims are often difficult to prove. You may benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance about your situation.

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