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One in five workers report being victims of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious and prevalent problem. Unwelcome advances and requests for sexual favors are illegal because they create a hostile, offensive or intimidating work environment. According to a recent CNBC survey, one-fifth of U.S. adults are victims of sexual harassment.

How a retail store can accommodate employees with disabilities

If you work at a retail store and have a disability, it can be frustrating to suggest accommodations to your supervisors only to have them say, "Oh, that is not possible," and to disregard all of your suggestions. The unfortunate reality is that some companies are not as interested or invested as they should be in fostering accessible workplaces, and this can sometimes cross the line into illegality. It also tends to be bad for the bottom line, as a store that does not treat its employees well might not treat its customers all that great either.

3 causes of disability discrimination

Disability discrimination is unfortunately common in the workplace. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, discrimination against workers with disabilities can take the form of pay discrepancies, hiring or firing decisions, offensive remarks, failure to provide reasonable accommodations and unfair medical examinations. 

Can my boss tell my co-workers that I have cancer?

Telling your employer that you have cancer seems overwhelming enough. For example, you may be afraid that it will put your job in jeopardy. However, if your employer knows the law, the company would ideally exhaust all available options and reasonable accommodations before it considers anything like termination.

Do age discrimination laws cover you?

As an American employee, you have certain rights, and many state and federal laws exist so that no one takes advantage of you on the job. You may believe you were a victim of workplace age discrimination if your employer fired, demoted or otherwise treated you unjustly because of your age, but to have a legal case, you and your employer must meet specific criteria.

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